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Praise for Murder in the Maple Woods

Murder in the Maple Woods has been fortunate to receive fabulous reviews. I love this story and my characters and it's thrilling to know that
others have come to love them too. 

"A story told with impressive detail."

Maine Seniors Magazine

Maine Seniors Magazine interviewed me and reviewed my book for their July, 2021 issue. You can read it here beginning on page 48.

Winter Snow
Border station st aurelie edited.jpg

"A superb mystery with a hint of a sequel"

Kennebec Journal

The Kennebec Journal's Bill Bushnell reviewed "Murder in the Maple Woods" in June, 2021. You can read it here.

"A really nifty tale that brought back many memories of being stationed on the Quebec border 50 years ago"

John Caron, retired Maine game warden

"A fabulous story with a catchy plot, great characters, and a really fun setting and flavor. Simone makes a hilarious, heartfelt debut as a new kind of detective in this backwoods Maine romp full of life and color."

Hannah Cyrus, librarian

"A unique setting and iconic characters make this debut novel an excellent read. Ackroyd knows her stuff and weaves an exciting plot around an interesting and authentic industry."

Debe Averill, retired librarian


"Claire Ackroyd has a big hit on her hands."

From the title, the reader might conclude this is just another mystery. But they would be wrong. The power of unconditional love whether from humans or an animal highlight the side plots causing Murder in the Woods to be hard to put down. Throw in lessons about the maple syrup industry and Claire Ackroyd has a big winner on her hands.

Dr. Wayne M. Burton, Ed.D; Author, "Wayne's War"

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